Tom C.

Ami is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable of the area from all angles. She definitely knows what to look for as a buyer and as a seller….she understand the financial aspects, contractual terms, home infrastructure, and community considerations. Very flexible with timing and visit schedules. Our experience feels more personal/caring rather than feeling like another transaction sale.

Charles F.

Ami helped me find the Perfect Home for me! I was a first time buyer so of course, my knowledge and experience was little to none AND I was looking for a home out of her local area, but she took me on. She researched the area so she can advise me accordingly while looking for a home on a limited budget. She’d go out of her way to drive out to the Covina area from Thousand Oaks until I found the ‘PERFECT HOME’. She contacted the seller’s agent immediately so that I could make the best offer that they would accept within my budget. Ami explained the escrow process and guided me through each step, including the inspections. She even advised additional inspections which led to some credit on the purchase price. Finding and buying your first home is overwhelming, stressful, and not easy, but Amy was professional, knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated to helping me find "My Home". ??
Thank you Ami Carion!
I HIGHLY recommend working with Ami for your first, next or “other” home.

Jiin L.

Ami helped me to purchase a home not listed on the market and was respectful as she reached out to the homeowner. She was resourceful to work out all issues on the completion of the sale. Her husband even helped to fix a minor problem! As a perk, she's been very helpful with a treasure trove of information regarding all aspects of renovation!

Hongkeun Kim

My family were so lucky to have Ami with us. We were having a hard time and had so much trouble of finding a house because of high cost and housing shortage but she responses quick and accurate. We amazed her negotiation skills. Also she gave us good advice and local knowledge including schools and the atmosphere of the neighborhood. She is very enthusiastic and responsible of what she is doing. At the same time, she is caring and loving person. We promise you that you will not regret if you work with Ami.


I am from another country and didn’t know how the rental house in the US works. Then I met Ami and she really cared and understood my situation. She definitely did more than she had to do. Ami and I read the contract and she explained all the terms and conditions which I would never know. I really amazed by her kindness. Even though my contract has done , she kept asking how I and my child is doing. She was absolutely on my side and helped me to make the best decision. I am going to post about her own my country community. So that everyone can meet her and will fall in love with her. I will continue to keep in touch with her.